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Jobs are scarce in a lot of towns in America. People are getting desperate and creative in looking for ways to put food on the table. Instant Rewards Network is beginning to gain notoriety and people are looking for answers. My investigation was simply to check the validity of the opportunity for a friend. But what I found as I dug deeper and deeper into the business needed to be shared as well.

The Scam – IRN on Trial

You would be surprised by how many people just want to hear, “It’s a scam.” so they can say, “I knew it!” and move on. But I like to have all the facts and make my own decisions about things. If you are like me, you may find this article helpful. I have presented the information about various aspects of the business as a whole; the good, the bad, the pros, and the cons. Use it to come to your own conclusion.

#1 Question: Is it legit?

Yes – Unlike the scum out to just steal your money, IRN never asks for financial payment info because you never pay them for anything. They pay you. Now there’s a novel idea – a company that actually pays you (daily) for work that you do for them. Hmmm. That sounds pretty legit, doesn’t it? Keep reading.

#2 Question: Can I really make money with this?

It takes a little work in the beginning to get it going but after that, it pretty much runs on autopilot. The more time you invest, the more benefits you will reap. The biggest reason people don’t make money at anything is that they give up without really trying. If you’re hungry and willing to work, you can make money with this.


#3 Question: Is there a fee to join?

What does it cost to join Instant Rewards Network? $0.00

What about if I upgrade? Do I pay some kind of upgrade fee then? Nope!

My sponsor is telling me I will have to pay a fee to join, like $12 or $20 or $40 or … Your sponsor is either confused or trying to pull a fast one on ya. Get a different sponsor if it’s not too late. There is NEVER EVER EVER a fee to join Instant Rewards Network….not today, not a month after you join, not a year after you join.


#4 Question: Are there any start-up costs?

FIRST – THERE ARE NO JOIN FEES. See #3 above. If you have never owned your own business, think of start-up costs like back-to-school supplies. It’s just stuff you are going to need (or want) as you build your new business.

If you decide to join, there’s a part of the training process called meeting requirements where you will have to sample one of the free offers. You can cancel it during the free trial period if you don’t want it. Basically, they want you to know how that works so if one of your referrals has questions about it, you will have trained on it. It’s very quick and painless. I don’t really think of that as a start-up cost since many of the offers are free. Most people just try one of the free ones to get through the training, but some people genuinely want to try offers that will benefit them in some way, like a wine club or hunting knife or kid’s bedtime books. Some of those require you pay postage on all the FREEBIES they send to you, but will let you keep the item(s) even if you cancel the trial.

Even though I didn’t have to try as many offers as I tried, I was, after all,  investigating the company, so I tried a variety of them. Some, I really needed, and kept. Others, I canceled during the free trial period yet still got to keep the freebies they sent to me. I got a really cool Japanese kitchen knife, books and crafts for my nephews, and, even though I’m still fairly young, I tried some anti-aging lotion. Guess what? I still turned a year older on my birthday while wearing the cream on my face! So, anti-aging? I think not. (ba dum pum, tschh).


#5 Question: Why do they need my name and email?

I hate it when a form asks for my name and email but doesn’t tell me why they need it and what it gets me – on the other side. Well, this article will give you an overview of the forms involved with IRN, and the Resources page shows you Step-By-Step what comes after every form, step and process. It includes screen shots as well.

#6 Question: How Do I Make Money?

Well, if there are no fees to join and no fees to upgrade, how are people paid? That’s the million dollar question. When you watch the 2nd video called the Overview or Orientation video, it explains everything in a lot more detail than I can do it justice here. For brevity’s sake, I’ll give you the oversimplified version. You get people to join the network and like I explained in #4 above, try a freebie offer like maybe some free children’s books, video games, cookbooks, a hunting knife or whatever. Some will like the service and keep it. Others will cancel and never pay a dime. The ones that like the offers and keep the service are the ones who make the advertisers happy. And a happy advertiser spends lots of money! They pay IRN and IRN pays you. What’s nice about this arrangement is that it doesn’t matter what your referrals try, IRN pays you very handsomely every time! Watch the Orientation Video for a lot more details. It explains it really well.

#7 Question: Are There Any Other Benefits?

When you start your own business it opens up a whole new world of tax deductions that can be fantastic. It allows you to write off expenses related to your business.

Many self-employed people are able to deduct expenses such as:

  • A portion of Rent/Mortgage for Home Office space
  • A portion of Utilities for Home Office use
  • Do you have a waiting area for people you meet? Do you have magazines, chairs, tables, TV’s, and music to entertain them while they wait? Write it off!
  • Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. purchases
  • Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. depreciation
  • Vehicle Expenses (usage, gas, oil changes, etc.)
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Supplies (printer ink, paper, etc.)
  • Office Expenses such as Internet, Phone Bills, Modem Rentals, etc.

#8 Question: Who Are You?

I am Kevin, editor of American Family Magazine, a hard-working American writer, editor and developer who spends a full day at his job in the city, an hour (plus) in commute each way, then comes home to freelance work (Web site design, book editing, technical writing, and helping new agents understand IRN) in the evenings. I am not afraid of working hard for what I want, and I spent a lot of time researching and investigating Instant Rewards Network with no intention of actually working the business until many readers said they trusted me and wanted me to be their sponsor. I get a lot of enjoyment out of writing articles and helping new entrepreneurs understand the business, figure out their best marketing direction for where they live, and help them in brainstorming ideas to maximize the time in their lives to allow for building their own Instant Rewards Network business, but leaving more time for family and fun things. That’s what it’s all about! If you want to join my team, click the big green button below, and introduce yourself. We’ll exchange emails, and you can then decide if you want to register at IRN.

Instant Rewards Network – Keywords • Forms • Getting Started

• ADVANCED FORMS — Most forms are located on the IRN site, but agents can incorporate custom forms into any Web page, like the one shown here without having to go to the IRN site. If you wish to try it out, use your real name and email. When you click submit it will initiate an “Auto-Responder” with a nice, professional-looking email created with the same drag and drop software.

• PRE-MADE EMAIL RESPONDERS — When a person enters their name and email into that first form by the intro video, their info comes to you (the agent). It is your job to supply them with information on what to do next. Fortunately, IRN has several pre-made emails you can use as is, that already have your name and your links inserted in the emails. But a lot of people will customize the emails with their own words to make them a but more personal. It’s up to you.

• CUSTOM GRAPHICS EMAIL RESPONDERS — You may choose to build your own fancy email responders using drag-and-drop online email makers. The same software is used to make the fancy custom forms (like the one shown here) that you can incorporate into your own site, with your own headers, images, company name, label names, etc. You control every aspect of the form, including which video to show new people.

• SUBSCRIPTIONS — A subscription form is sometimes located on the introduction page or as an ACCESS PORTAL to get to the good stuff (special sections and videos). Subscribers have access to a lot more things than visitors. After a visitor becomes a subscriber through the form on the Intro Video page or through an access portal, the referring agent will introduce him/herself to the new subscriber and usually send them direct contact information, a welcome email and other helpful information. The subscribers can then directly email, call or text the agent with questions. If you do not see a referral agent’s name when you join, find one. It is imperative that you find and join under a great agent/mentor who can guide you through the process and answer your questions.

• ORIENTATION ~~~ HOW IT WORKS   If a visitor subscribes (from the intro page, custom form or an access portal) to Instant Rewards Network, a new window opens to an Orientation video. In my opinion, this is the most informative video in the post-subscriber, pre-member area of the site. In a few minutes it covers every aspect of the business. It should pretty much answer any question you have, and save you lots of reading.

• REGISTRATION  After the Orientation video the subscriber is provided a button that will take them to the Instant Rewards Network registration page to officially join the network and enter their contact information or simply exit if not interested. I have provided the video on the Resources page. Normally, only subscribers get to see this video as they complete their registration.

• FEES  There are no monthly fees. Instant Rewards Network will never ask for financial information. They do not require payment of any kind as there are no fees to join, no upgrades fees and no monthly fees. Instant Rewards Network and all of its agents are paid by the advertisers. It’s like a real job: You work. You get paid. BUT…You don’t get paid by the hour,and the pay isn’t proportionate to the amount of work that’s done. If you set up your business model properly (with the help of a great sponsor/mentor), there won’t be a lot of work involved.

YOUR OWN WEB PAGE  Agents receive a Referral ID and get to select one of 17 Web page styles. Watch the Orientation video for a very detailed description of the Web page and how to use it.

• TRAINING VIDEOS AND GUIDES  There are numerous training videos for people of all skill levels from beginner to advanced. They did a great job with all the training materials.  I was impressed. There is no set curriculum that I could find. Agents can watch any video in any order, and as many times as they wish. Want to skip all the videos and head straight to the training area? Follow these directions EXACTLY

• STARTER — An agent’s first assignment is to meet requirements. Think of this as on-the-job training. Here’s how it was explained to me: Everyone must do the training to know how it works and be able to explain it to others. Every agent in the system has done it and so must you. Want to skip all the videos and head straight to the training area? Follow these directions EXACTLY

• COMMISSION  Agents make commissions from Instant Rewards Network based on their referrals. There are several different commission levels but most agents follow the general layout provided by IRN that pays almost $100 per referral because it’s easy money.

• COMPANY PRIZES, BONUSES AND EXTRAS  IRN has been paying a referral bonus ever since I have been a member. Also, recently, I was one of 50 winners in a monthly random drawing at IRN (just for agents). Additionally, there are several other ways that IRN pays you a bonus commission. Some agents make a bundle ($1000/week) just off the bonus commissions.

The Real World

Analogy: From the Mall to the BankI hate it when people show off their bank accounts and the checks they receive. So what? You made money. Good for you. That doesn’t mean I’M going to make money! Right? However, visitors still ask about members in this business and if they are successful. So, to those inquisitive visitors, I present Ash.

Ash is a stay-at-home mom whose husband is in the military. She read my articles, and asked me if I would be her mentor. She went from joining one morning, to studying the materials I sent her that night, to making $360…in the next couple of days. And she just keeps bringing it in week after week.

I helped Ash realize a promotion technique that worked for her, in her situation. That’s another “pro” about the business. You are the king/queen of your own castle. Run your business the way you want. Do what works best for you, in your town, in your situation, etc. If you’re not sure what that is, be sure to get a great mentor so they can help you figure it out.

Falsifying Info = Bad

How do you avoid getting your account locked out before you even join? Simple, use the same name and email consistently. Some people want to use fake names and emails in the forms to see what’s on the inside thinking no harm, no foul. But that’s where they’re wrong! IRN has checks in place to prevent fraud. If caught using two different names or emails they will lock down your account. I hear it happens a lot because everyone thinks they’re the first to think about using a fake email and that there is no way others can know. You’re not the first, trust me. And they do have ways of knowing.

My best advice is this: if you think you might eventually join IRN or another online business, setup a gmail account that you can use in all the forms, and eventually as your freelance business email account. This way you can keep your business emails separate from your personal email.

My Sponsor Won’t Help Me! What Can I Do?

First, some terminology (READ THIS FIRST):

  1. SUBSCRIPTION FORM – is the one you see that asks for your name and email only. It usually accompanies the first video or entry page. You may subscribe to more than one source, but you can only register once.
  2. REGISTRATION FORM – is the one that asks for your address and phone number, and how you want to be paid.
  3. MEETING REQUIREMENTS – occurs after you have registered. It’s part of the training (getting your Starter credit). This will make sense to you only if you have come this far. Otherwise, don’t worry about it for now.

Have you REGISTERED yet?


  1. Find a sponsor you like by reading articles (like you’re doing now).
  2. Enter your name/email in one of their SUBSCRIPTION forms so you can start receiving their emails.
  3. Communicate with them to decide if this is the team you wish to join.
  4. If so, use the registration link they send to you.
  5. If not, simply enter your name/email in someone else’s form (go to step 2)

YES – I have registered:



  1. Contact IRN customer support.
  2. Supply customer support with YOUR email and the email of the NEW sponsor you want.
  3. Customer Support will attempt to contact your old sponsor and request approval for the transfer.
  4. If approved, they will switch you to your new sponsor.
  5. If not approved, you must stay with your current sponsor.
  6. DO NOT RE-REGISTER under a different name/email. It will cause login problems for you.


  1. Once you have met requirements on a level your sponsor is paid a commission by IRN.
  2. Once your sponsor has been paid, you cannot switch to a new sponsor on that level.
  3. Would you agree to work an extra 2 hours without pay each day at your job? This is the total time, over a period of about a week, that a sponsor may spend helping a new agent. If your old sponsor was already paid to help you, your new sponsor cannot be paid, therefore, IRN sees no reason to switch you.
  4. So if you’re working on requirements and your sponsor isn’t mentoring you to your standard, SWITCH SPONSORS BEFORE you meet requirements on the Starter level. Otherwise, your only option is to learn on your own, build your business on your own, figure out your marketing plan on your own, find the best links on your own…you get the idea. Having the right sponsor/mentor is VERY IMPORTANT in every stage of the process, not just during training.

How to Choose The Right Sponsor/Mentor

Finding the right sponsor is tough when you don’t know what to look for in a sponsor or mentor. These points may help.

  • When you receive an email from them, read it carefully.
    1. Does it look nice?
    2. Is it professional?
    3. Does it provide valuable information or is it poorly written, full of typos, and somewhat desperate to get you to register?
    4. Is the sponsor cheerful and welcoming? Or does it look like they just did a cut/paste of some general email from the company?
    5. Does it look like they invested time in their business to present you with a nice introduction? If they invested time in their business, they will likely invest in you. If the email looks like a quick, poorly written message that didn’t take a lot of time to write, it’s likely they haven’t invested much time in their own business, and will likely care even less about you or your business.
  • Talk to your sponsor. Ask questions via email or phone. Reply to one of the autoresponder emails (everyone uses them) to get a more personalized, and direct response.
    1. How quick did they respond?
      • Most freelancers have other jobs, so they have to set aside freelance work for the evenings or weekends.
      • If it took them more than a week to respond, ask them why, to see if they only do freelance work on the weekends, or maybe they were on vacation. If they have no good excuse, you may want to find a sponsor who can answer your questions in less time.
      • If they answer within 2-3 days, it generally means they freelance in the evenings and NOT on weekends. This is often indicative of younger couples who spend weekends doing activities with their kids.
      • If they answer within 24 hours, then you know they are putting a lot of time into building their freelance business. Still, don’t just judge them by response time. Consider everything mentioned in this article and use your own good judgment.
    2. Was their answer thorough?
      • Did it look like they took time out of their own busy schedule to answer your question?
      • Anytime a sponsor sets aside time to help you, work with you, answer questions, help you build your business, brainstorm ideas, offer marketing experience advice, etc., this is a sponsor that genuinely cares.
      • If you receive short, unhelpful responses, it’s best to find another sponsor…fast!
    3. Ask them what happens after registration. Ask them how THEY plan to help you.
      • Use your own judgment here. You can usually tell by their response if they plan to leave you high and dry to figure it out on your own, or if they have some kind of organized system they have developed to help walk you through the process.

If I tell you what I do as a sponsor, then you can imagine that every agent out there who reads this article is going to offer the exact same help system, but may not be able to deliver. So, I just keep those things to myself until people actually register on my team. Then, I encourage agents to take knowledge they learn from our team to learn how to be a great mentor to others.

If you do decide to join and you’d like to join my team, simply use the big green button below or one of the in-page access portals (forms). I’ve learned a lot of things while working for IRN since 2013 that I enjoy sharing with my team. I want you to be successful, and I’ll help you in any way I can.


New Agent Q & A

Agent: Do new agents take inbound calls and read from a script like it explains in the video?

Kev: Very rarely does anyone actually call. Most communication is done by email, and so there is no need to read from a script. However, there is a lot of guidance on every aspect of the business.

Agent: A popular question seems to be recruits asking if they can switch teams. Should agents allow new recruits to  switch to their team? It sounds like a win/win.

Kev: Yes and no. Yes, if the recruits are just starting out and realize they chose the wrong sponsor. No, if they are no longer recruits, but instead, already agents. There are many valid reasons for saying no. The main reason being that their current sponsor has likely already been paid by IRN to help them. If they switch, their new sponsor cannot be paid for helping them.

Agent: Do agents have to use their Facebook accounts or bug their friends and family to be successful in this business?

Kev: On the contrary. I strongly suggest new agents do not use their own social media accounts, friends or family for business. It’s better to advertise to the general public, looking for people who are looking to start their own Internet (work form home) business.

Agent: The literature says new agents can work today and be paid tomorrow. Is this some kind of fast track option?

Kev: Not really, it’s just the way the system works for everyone. Many people become agents the same day they register, and get their marketing link. Then when someone clicks their link and meets the requirements, the new agent gets paid within 24 hours. It’s the way the business works. It’s in the name. It’s what makes Instant Rewards Network so popular. It’s instant.

Agent: So is working as an agent for IRN going to make you a millionaire?

Kev: If I were making millions, I don’t think I’d still be answering emails and helping folks one on one. I’d probably have people for that, while I sat on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails. But it does help pay the bills, and that’s just as good, for now.

Agent: Any final words of advice?

Kev: Just use common sense. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s not tricky or deceiving. It’s an opportunity for people new to the Internet to make a nice side income, and people who are familiar with Internet Marketing to expand their business. There are no fees to join so there is no financial risk. If someone is curious, they should contact a sponsor and ask questions, or simply register and check it out from the inside.


Still on the fence?

I personally respond to all questions. Use the green button.

Resources High Speed / Cool Graphics Resources Mobile / Slower Connection

Have a question or need more info? Click this big green button.

Have a great day!

Smile, and be kind to one another!

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Kevin began as writer and graphic designer for American Family Magazine when it was a publication distributed in Seattle. He is now the Chief Editor and Web Designer of the magazine. If you would like to submit an article for publication, please contact Kevin via the Contact page.


  1. Can I join IRN under your team if I’ve already registered for Instant Rewards with another person? How does that work? Thanks!

    • Hi Summer – Switching teams is possible under certain, rare circumstances, but it can be time consuming, and it is a lot of work for both you, and your new sponsor. So be sure you plan to work hard to be successful in the business before asking another sponsor to help you.

  2. I am thankful for someone like you that is straight forward and honest about this company. I have done my research and you seem to say it best, you get out of it , what you put into it! I am excited about signing up with you and having someone like you as a sponsor. I am sure I will learn alot from you and your experience.

  3. Hello, I’m interested in starting this business. Is there a way that I can have you as my trainer? Please let me know.

    • Click the big green button under Resources. That will get things started.

  4. Hi there! So are we paid for working regardless of the outcome of the ads we post? Thanks in advance and sorry if you posted that and I missed it. I’m just wondering if it’s guaranteed that we will be paid if we do the work…thanks!:-)

    • I am paid for every minute of work I do. It works out to about 8 times the national average minimum wage in the USA. For more information, click the big green button and I’ll break it down for you.

  5. Are taxes taken out each time you get paid? How does that part of it work?

    • No. Very few agents are ever taxed. Hit the big green button and I will break it down for you.

  6. After reading your article, I am thoroughly convinced this is what my mother needs (thank you for explaining it in such great detail… I was wondering, however, I too would like to make some extra money (who wouldn’t!), so does it make more business sense if I sign up first and eventually sponsor my mom? If so, how long does a process like that take for someone who would be freelancing part time? Thank you again and have a merry and prosperous Christmas.

    • Hi – I would suggest that whomever plans to do the most work, and will be most loyal to their new business be the one who joins first. This way, there is a solid foundation on which to grow the business. If it is the other way around, and whomever joined first decides to do something else, the person who joined as their referral will be left out in rain with no umbrella, so to speak. They will have no mentor. And finally, if you are unsure as to who will be a better mentor for the other, you can both join my team and work together to grow your own teams. That way, I will be there, as a mentor, for you both. And I’m not going anywhere, as I’ve been doing this since 2013. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too.

  7. Hello.

    I have a question.
    When this service is available to Puerto Rico?
    Thank you

    • I emailed support to ask about this. Here is their response:
      If you are an International resident from outside of these countries, USA, Canada, Australia, and UK, who belongs to any of the 191 countries where PayPal is accepted, you can still qualify on our sites, and promote within those countries listed herein.

      In order to promote, International Agents will need:
      1) A valid PayPal account.
      2) The ability to market in the United States, Canada, Australia and/or the United Kingdom.

      For more information, join our team, let us know you want details on International Agents, and we will send you the details.

  8. What marketing strategies do you teach, and do you have your own training website?

    • Hi Leandrew,
      I have found that out-of-the-box marketing strategies don’t work too well with a lot of the first-time business owners who become agents for IRN. Rather than engage in a specific method, I use my years of experience to work one-on-one with agents to find out what will work best for their new business as it relates to the way they wish to run their business, in their locale, the time they wish to put into their business, what they’re looking to get out of it, etc.
      — Someone living in downtown Los Angeles will likely have a completely different marketing strategy than someone living in a tiny town in Oklahoma.
      — Someone working full-time who just wants some extra Christmas money, will have a different strategy than someone looking to supplement their income throughout the year.
      — Someone who can spend several hours per week building their business is going to have different expectations than someone who can only devote a small amount of their time to it.
      As for training, I have my own set of instructions and links that I have developed over the last year that I share with agents on my team. Additionally, I provide access points to two training sites geared toward agent development at IRN, and more general Internet Marketing techniques.
      Hope this helps!

  9. I want to join but how do I get email addresses of potential clients. I don’t want to “sign up” friends or family

    • Hi Dawn,
      You don’t have to sign up friends and family, and you do NOT have to acquire email addresses. This is more of a business you market to the public. Part of having a great sponsor/mentor is having them show you how best to market, in your location/situation.

  10. So I was just curious it says you need to have a computer, but would I be making phone calls to people? I live in the middle of nowhere and my cell service isn’t the best….

    • Hi Lyndsay,
      For every 100 people who sign up under me, I may make 1 or 2 phone calls. You decide how you wish to run YOUR business. You choose the hours, the marketing and the method.

  11. Would I be working directly with you. I’ve spoken to a few sponsors but they were all very new. It’s of most importance to me to have someone who is.successful at this helping me. I’m a struggling single mom on disability and NEED to make a change for both me and my son. We’d both be overly grateful if we were able to change our situation with you’re help.

    • Hi Shari,
      Yes, I work directly with anyone requiring extra assistance. The training is second to none, and most people pick it up very quickly, and start making money within a day or two. However, some folks are brand new to online work and home-based freelance business, so I try to guide them in the right direction as it pertains to IRN.

  12. Hey Kev. so after reading your page i see phone/text/email, (your choice) but when i clicked the link to your signup page, the introductory video says that i will be taking inbound calls and reading a 1 page script. (as i am not good with phones) i am wondering is that required or can this be done strictly by email

    • Hi Scott,
      I’m not sure why they don’t explain that part more in the video. Most people that I know do NOT do it this way (read a script), nor take inbound calls. Most people with whom I have worked opt for email or media marketing. It really is your choice, though.

  13. Do you get paid more based on the number of people you get to sign up?

    • Hi Eric,
      Commission on 100 agents (on my team) is: $9,000.00.
      Commission on 300 agents (on my team) is: $27,000.00.
      Short answer: the more agents you create, the more you make, but you don’t get paid more per agent, which I think is your question.

  14. I live in a very SMALL town, how do I find the people to “recruit” or try the products?

    • That’s one of the benefits of having a mentor who will work with you to figure out the best plan of action for your situation, like where you live, the hours you can put toward the business, etc. I cannot stress this enough. Find a good sponsor/mentor. Read the section I wrote on how to do that.

  15. I am interested in joining instant rewards but was wondering if I can do the work from my iPhone due to my home computer being very old?

    • This is a business that you will run from your home office. You will want to have a computer so you can access emails, plan your campaigns, take notes, etc.

  16. how old do you have to be to join, sorry, it just doesn’t have a terms and conditions.

    • You must be 18 years old. The Terms and Conditions link is provided when you register.

  17. Hi Kev. I’ve been debating whether to sign up with IRN and have been talking with a girl who works for them, but after reading over your website I’m a little inclined to sign up under you. Can you tell me a little about the PAYPAL account. I was going to set that up, just not sure if the money goes into my bank account or onto a card or what? Well, I guess my sponsor will answer any of my questions when I sign up then.

    • You are given the option of receiving income via PayPal or Direct Deposit (bank account). If using PayPal, the money is instantly transfered to your PayPal account. You can spend the money online (or offline if you have a PayPal debit card) or transfer it to a bank account or just leave it there. There are several options available. To find out more, just visit the PayPal website.

  18. Hi Kev. thank you for a great article and very helpful information. I found it inspiring and sincere. It would be nice to have you as my sponsor. I will look for a button to join your team.

  19. Hi Kevin! I am very interested in Instant Rewards and being on your team! I will click on the link and register now.

  20. I was wondering. I read your article and thought it was very helpful. Someone posted an ad for the same company. But she says there’s a $12 fee…

    • Laura – thanks for your question. This is a very popular question. I have revised the article to try to filter out this question for you and others. Please re-read the article and see #3 Question.

  21. Hi, I found this article very informative & useful for those looking for a decent work/home opp. I’m in burbs of Chicago & my company in insurance sales is laying off for the summer after health care enrollment. so tired of feeling on a leash, under valued & worry of being laid off.

    so after watching ideos of instant rewards, where does the marketing for other companies like walmart etc come in? I keep reading/hearing referrals to signup so bit confused.
    thanks again.

  22. How do you get a Google number?

  23. It’s wonderful to find someone who has researched and verified that this is not a scam. I’ve lost $100.00s to scams. Now, I’m looking, with confidence, at joining this business. Any and all mentoring/marketing advice and assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanx so much for the insight and bringing spirits up again about ‘home income’ opportunities.

    • Hi Cindi – I saw that you signed up yesterday on our team. Welcome, and thanks for the kind comment. I look forward to working with you.

      • Hi I saw a post on Facebook group about instant rewards I private messaged the gal she told me there was about a $15 start up fee but all I have read on here there are no fees…I’m confused!

        • Some sponsors may try to charge a fee when you join their team in case you do not stick with it to become an agent. Once you become an agent, IRN pays your sponsor for the help they give you. However, if you quit before you become an agent, your sponsor does not get paid by IRN. So some agents try to get newbies to pay a fee to join. THIS IS WRONG. This is NOT how the system is designed. If agents do a good job in helping their team, everyone can become agents and they would be paid. I think the agents that ask to be paid a fee upfront is just being lazy and probably will not help you, even after you pay them. Avoid that situation.

  24. I’m curious about the company and i wanted to know exactly i do i make the money. gp

  25. My main concern is after you hit 600 how great is the taxes you pay back?

    • Thanks for the comment, Ken. You make it sound like a bad thing. It’s a GOOD thing, a VERY GOOD thing. Here’s why:

      When you start your own business, it opens up a whole new world of TAX DEDUCTIONS at the end of the year.

      Many self-employed people are able to deduct expenses such as:

      • A portion of Rent/Mortgage for Home Office space
      • A portion of Utilities for Home Office use
      • Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. purchases
      • Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. depreciation
      • Vehicle Expenses (usage, gas, oil changes, etc.)
      • Office Furniture
      • Office Supplies (printer ink, paper, etc.)
      • Office Expenses such as Internet, Phone Bills, Modem Rentals, etc.

      And the list goes on…your accountant can help you find all kinds of deductions!

  26. How do you get the referrals. Are they entirely up to the employee or is there help at least in the beginning.

    • Hi Day – If you join under a great sponsor/mentor they will be your coach the entire way.

  27. Hello, I loved the informations that you shared. I’d like to start Instant Rewards but first of all I need a good mentor to show me how to make a good money.

  28. I am thinking of doing this. Is Instant Rewards a legitimate company? Thank you.

    • Hi Pam – I have thoroughly investigated this company and can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is legitimate. Think of Instant Rewards Network as the bookkeepers, sort of like PayPal or a contract agency. You do the work for the Fortune 500 companies, Instant Rewards makes sure you are paid.

  29. I am looking at online telecenter which is a part of the instant rewards group. they do the same thing but get calls instead of using a web page to advertise, at least as far as I can see. Have you heard of this and do you know if it is the same kind of deal?

    • Hi Lesa – I have not heard of that, sorry. If I look into it in the future, I’ll let you know.

  30. My husband and I are both disabled and spend most of the year living in Belize. We do also have a home in N.C. and are wondering if we can work for IRN while we are in Belize. Our internet and phone service work very well here, and we also use Skype and Facebook chat frequently. Thanks!

    • Hi Cindy – I checked with customer support and they said you may join and operate your home business while in the states but not from Belize. Countries allowed right now: USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

  31. I like the information that you’ve shared on your website, however, I don’t have a sponsor and would like to join your team.

    • Anyone may join the American Family Magazine team at Instant Rewards via this link: Team Kev at IRN

  32. I have been with Instant rewards “part time” since last August. I also just completed my taxes and it was pretty simple to do. This program does pay and is backed by the IRS. It does take work though! The money does not just fall in your lap!

    • Thanks for your comment, Alicia. You are correct. It’s not difficult work, but there is some work involved. It depends on how you setup your business and how much you want to make. I’m not sure what you mean by “backed by the IRS” but if you mean that it is recognized by the IRS as a legitimate income source, that is correct.

  33. Instant rewards is not a scam. I’ve been doing it since the beginning of January and have been paid well….each payment I received within a few hours. Never had an issue.

    • Just want to know how much can I made and what is the start up cost?

      • ===============================================
        $0.00 == Join Fee: testimonials video
        $0.00 == Presentation: overview video
        $0.00 == Registration: register video
        $0.00 == Monthly Fees
        $0.00 == Web Page Fee
        $0.00 == Training Fee
        $0-$1 == Lifetime Member
        $0-$1 == TOTAL START-UP COSTS
        Commissions range from $20 to $120.
        No limit on income.
        Company pays daily within 24 hours.
        Excellent customer service.
        Work with real people.
        Phone/text/email (your choice).

  34. The company was formed in 2009.

  35. My question regarding the IRN is how do you claim this on your taxes?

    • When you start your own business, you are considered self-employed, and it opens up a whole new world of TAX DEDUCTIONS at the end of the year.

      Many self-employed people are able to deduct expenses such as:

      A portion of Rent/Mortgage for Home Office space
      A portion of Utilities for Home Office use
      Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. purchases
      Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. depreciation
      Vehicle Expenses (usage, gas, oil changes, etc.)
      Office Furniture
      Office Supplies (printer ink, paper, etc.)
      Office Expenses such as Internet, Phone Bills, Modem Rentals, etc.
      And the list goes on…your accountant can help you find all kinds of deductions!


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