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What is Instant Rewards Network?

Jobs are scarce in America. People are getting desperate and creative in looking for ways to put food on the table. Instant Rewards Network promises hope, and is beginning to gain notoriety and people are looking for answers. But is it just another scam, out to take people for a ride?

Instant Rewards Network was established in 2009, and is headquartered in Mount Prospect, Illinois. It is listed in the Chicago area BBB business directory as an incentive program. With the advent of new technologies, many people began recording their favorite TV shows on DVRs, skipping the commercials. Many Fortune 500 companies were reeling with revenue losses, and turned to alternative advertising avenues.

Instant Rewards Network created a service that would not only benefit the companies who advertised, but also the agents who would help market their products and services. An impressive list of businesses that include Disney, Netflix, GameFly, GoDaddy, Walmart, Target, and many more well-known brands, make their products and services available for promotion by Instant Rewards Network agents and representatives.

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What does it cost to join Instant Rewards Network?

Instant Rewards Network is often promoted as being free to join, and it is, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t need to spend money, eventually. They go on to say that you can get started for $0.00 to $1.00. Again, that’s true. You can get started for that amount. But, to get to a position of earning a full-time income, you are probably going to have to spend more.

So, here’s the rub. While it’s free to join Instant Rewards Network, the process of becoming an agent requires a part of the training that is called, Meeting Requirements. I won’t go into great detail here, but in that process, an agent-in-training must try one of the advertisers’ products or services to learn how that process works. Some of the offers are free. So when Instant Rewards Network says you may spend $0 to $1, they are referring to the free offers, or those that may cost $1.00.

After the initial training is complete, and a referral has met requirements, they are considered an agent. However, if they plan to make a substantial income, they are encouraged by the company and their sponsor to upgrade their account; sort of like going from junior agent to senior agent. The upgrade process is exactly like the initial process, and again they must Meet Requirements to be an agent for that upgraded level of service.

I’ve heard so many horror stories of people losing thousands of dollars to get-rich-quick schemes, MLM scams, pyramid schemes, pill-pushers (herbal remedies), and more. This is why I was mildly impressed with the investment required to become an agent with this company. I suggest reading this entire article if you are investigating the company, but if you are short on time, at least read the section on how money is made. This helps explain why it is free to join.

+++ Additional resources available at the end of this article.


How do you make money with Instant Rewards Network?

As you can imagine, just as there are many positions within the ranks in any company, there are many ways to be paid at Instant Rewards Network. I am going to give a brief overview of the basics of earning money with Instant Rewards Network.

The simple answer is that agents are paid commissions for finding people who also become agents. The Network is made up of several sites. Each site is made up of different types of offers from various businesses such as Walmart, Target, Disney, and so on. The most popular sites today are Silver and Gold.

The company has some premade ads that entice people to join the Network. An agent might choose one of the ads to market and find people interested in joining the Silver site. The company pays them a commission when the people they found successfully join and become an agent themselves for Instant Rewards Network.

The new agents are then encouraged to upgrade their list of available sites to include Gold. The new agents who agree to do the upgrade can nearly quadruple their overall income potential. If I continue here, it is just going to get more complicated, and unless you are already an agent, or on your way to becoming an agent, it may be too much information.

Sponsors are paid very well to explain things to the new people, little by little, for better consumption and retention. If you have already been approached by a sponsor, and you are doing a little investigating before committing, good for you. That is a very smart thing to do. But, don’t just investigate Instant Rewards Network. Take a good look at your sponsor, too. Ask questions before you commit to joining their team. Find out how they plan to guide you and help you be successful.

I have decided to write an ebook on finding the best sponsor when joining Instant Rewards Network. I have been approached countless times by new agents claiming they need my help because their sponsor is/isn’t: ___ (fill in the blank). I think if people are better-educated on what to ask their sponsor before committing to joining their team, there would be many more successful agents.

When I am finished with the ebook, I will provide a link at Site for Success (see resources section). Until then, you can find more sponsor-related questions and info there.

+++ Additional resources available at the end of this article.


How does Instant Rewards Network work?

There are many ways to answer this popular question. I believe the most popular definition people seek is more along the lines of what are the steps to becoming an agent, and what will I be doing once I become an agent? The section on how to make money with Instant Rewards Network explains what you would be doing as an agent/sponsor. So, here, I’ll explain the steps on how to become an agent.

01Sponsorship: When we enter our name and email address in the form next to the introductory video, we are essentially connecting with that sponsor so they can send us information on how to join their team. If you like the way they present information and feel that they will be a great teacher for you, go ahead and use the link they send to you to register on their team.

02Requirements: It is very important that we meet requirements, first. We cannot access the training area and the full site until we have fully become an agent by doing this part of the training. Think of it as being new to a job. They don’t give you the keys to everything the first day. You earn the rights to the keys to everything day by day. One day soon, we will be helping others understand this process, so we need hands-on training to be sure we completely understand it ourselves.

03The Network: There are several sites in the Network. The most popular sites today are Silver and Gold. These are considered cash sites. In the beginning there were prize sites as well but they have become less popular in recent years. Visit Site for Success (listed in the resources section below) for a full list of all 14 cash sites at Instant Rewards Network.

04Training: After meeting requirements, you gain access to two training areas with tons of videos to walk you through every step of every process. It is very easy to get started! Plus, your sponsor is there to guide you as well. There is no set curriculum. Study only the things you want to promote. No more wasting time reading dry, boring information that won’t pertain to your business, or watching boring videos you don’t need to see. Just pick the ones you want to watch, and do what they say to do.

05The Work: Your sponsor will help guide you along the best path. Every agent runs their business differently. So, I cannot know what your future sponsor will have you doing as part of her/his team. But overall, you will be teaching others to replicate your journey. Does that make sense? Everything you just did, to get where you are now, is what you will be teaching others to do. You have now become the sponsor. You must replicate exactly what your sponsor did for you. When you do, you will be paid by Instant Rewards Network. Again, it’s very important to find a great sponsor who will show you what to do, so you can show others.

06Marketing: Use common sense. You don’t have to get friends and family to try stuff. As a matter of fact, I warn against it in other articles. You’re not looking for people to try stuff. You’re looking for people who want to start their own business, like you’re doing. Uncle Bob is happy on the golf course, and Aunt Millie is happy in her garden. Don’t bother them. Find people in the same place you were found. Your situation is not unique. Many people share your same situation and are looking for a way through. Share the Instant Rewards Network opportunity with them. Show them how easy it was for you to do it and how they can do it, too.

If you are an agent or new recruit looking for guidance because your sponsor isn’t doing their job, Site for Success may help provide the guidance you need. Find the link at the bottom of this article.


People still want proof

Personally, I don’t put a lot of weight into proof docs or testimonies because in this day and age, it’s so easy to Photoshop or simply make up. However, I can vouch for Ash being legit. Ash is a stay-at-home mom on the West Coast whose husband is in the military. She went from joining on a Sunday morning to making nearly $400 before the end of that week. Her sponsor guided her along the shortest path to being paid in the same week. Had she done it on her own, it likely would have taken her a lot longer to figure it out, and even longer to be paid. She followed directions, watched the training videos, and did exactly what she needed to do to get paid in 3 days.

Based solely on the agents I have worked with, the ones that want to do everything on their own spend about 4x the amount of time learning best practices and making their first paycheck. In less than 6 months, Ash has been paid 67 times by Instant Rewards Network.

The reason I can vouch for Ash is that I am her sponsor. I know how many times she has been paid because every time she is paid, Instant Rewards Network adds bonus funds to my account. Think of it as a Thank You bonus from the company. When sponsors do a great job in helping others become successful agents, Instant Rewards Network recognizes that, and gives them a nice bonus. I talk more about this on Site for Success.

Better Business Bureau

Before social media, people put a lot of trust in the BBB’s scoring of a business. However, nowadays, with forums, social media and Google, it’s just as easy to do it ourselves; and frankly, some think it is more trustworthy. However, at the BBB, Instant Rewards Network maintains 8 positive comments, zero neutral comments, and zero negative comments.

more information about instant rewards

Still more information…

If you are interested in more information, or just want to contact me (the author of this article) with specific questions, please visit Site for Success where I have created a standalone site dedicated to helping people understand Instant Rewards Network. It contains important information people should know before they register. We broke the mold on the flashy, overbearing style of marketing sites to create a clean and bright, ad-free zone that is quite enjoyable to visit.


Additional Resources


The author of this article also created Site for Success.

SITE for SUCCESS — The finer details of Instant Rewards Network

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Join with or without email support

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Pay Rates • Bonus Income • Incentives • Marketing Tips • More 

Smile at someone today.

You’ll be amazed at what happens.

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  1. Great information you have put together! I have to admit I was skeptical about IR, but you have done an excellent job in putting most of my skepticism to rest. I was even beginning to wonder if this company still existed because most of the info by way of blogs and forums are outdated. It’s comforting to see some real, current info.

    I do have a couple of questions:
    (1) Can you please share how long you have been with this company and
    (2) Since it has been around for 7+ years, is it still relevant in 2015? I am always fearful of “saturation”.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt response. Again, this info was extremely helpful and has, most likely, helped me decide to move forward with joining!

    • Thanks for the compliments on the article. I try to keep it updated as I learn more about the business. The company was established in the summer of 2009, so it has been in business for 5+ years, not 7+. Still, our analytics show that this article gets hundreds of visitors every day. For more information, video access, and making a direct connection with me, you may visit my new site dedicated to Instant Rewards Network info seekers.

  2. I am thankful for someone like you that is straight forward and honest about this company. I have done my research and you seem to say it best, you get out of it , what you put into it! I am excited about signing up with you and having someone like you as a sponsor. I am sure I will learn alot from you and your experience.

  3. Hello, I’m interested in starting this business. Is there a way that I can have you as my trainer? Please let me know.

    • Click the big green button under Resources to join our successful team.

  4. What marketing strategies do you teach, and do you have your own training website?

    • Hi Leandrew,
      I have found that out-of-the-box marketing strategies don’t work too well with a lot of the first-time business owners who become agents for IRN. Rather than engage in a specific method, I use my years of experience to work one-on-one with agents to find out what will work best for their new business as it relates to the way they wish to run their business, in their locale, the time they wish to put into their business, what they’re looking to get out of it, etc.
      — Someone living in downtown Los Angeles will likely have a completely different marketing strategy than someone living in a tiny town in Oklahoma.
      — Someone working full-time who just wants some extra Christmas money, will have a different strategy than someone looking to supplement their income throughout the year.
      — Someone who can spend several hours per week building their business is going to have different expectations than someone who can only devote a small amount of their time to it.
      As for training, I have my own set of instructions and links that I have developed over the last year that I share with agents on my team. Additionally, I provide access points to two training sites geared toward agent development at IRN, and more general Internet Marketing techniques.
      Hope this helps!

  5. So I was just curious it says you need to have a computer, but would I be making phone calls to people? I live in the middle of nowhere and my cell service isn’t the best….

    • Hi Lyndsay,
      You decide how you wish to run YOUR business. You choose the hours, the marketing and the method.

  6. Would I be working directly with you. I’ve spoken to a few sponsors but they were all very new. It’s of most importance to me to have someone who is.successful at this helping me. I’m a struggling single mom on disability and NEED to make a change for both me and my son. We’d both be overly grateful if we were able to change our situation with you’re help.

    • Hi Shari,
      Yes, I work directly with anyone requiring extra assistance. The training is second to none, and most people pick it up very quickly, and start making money within a day or two. However, some folks are brand new to online work and home-based freelance business, so I try to guide them in the right direction as it pertains to IRN.

  7. Do you get paid more based on the number of people you get to sign up?

    • Hi Eric,
      Commission on 100 agents (on my team) is: $14,000.00.
      Commission on 300 agents (on my team) is: $42,000.00.
      Short answer: the more agents you create, the more you make, but you don’t get paid more per agent, which I think is your question.

  8. I am interested in joining instant rewards but was wondering if I can do the work from my iPhone due to my home computer being very old?

    • This is a business that you will run from your home office. You will want to have a computer so you can access emails, plan your campaigns, take notes, etc. but the age of the computer doesn’t matter.

  9. how old do you have to be to join, sorry, it just doesn’t have a terms and conditions.

    • You must be 18 years old. The Terms and Conditions link is provided when you register.

  10. Hi Kev. I’ve been debating whether to sign up with IRN and have been talking with a girl who works for them, but after reading over your website I’m a little inclined to sign up under you. Can you tell me a little about the PAYPAL account. I was going to set that up, just not sure if the money goes into my bank account or onto a card or what? Well, I guess my sponsor will answer any of my questions when I sign up then.

    • You are given the option of receiving income via PayPal or Direct Deposit (bank account). If using PayPal, the money is instantly transfered to your PayPal account. You can spend the money online (or offline if you have a PayPal debit card) or transfer it to a bank account or just leave it there. There are several options available. To find out more, just visit the PayPal website.

  11. Hi Kev. thank you for a great article and very helpful information. I found it inspiring and sincere. It would be nice to have you as my sponsor. I will look for a button to join your team.

  12. Hi Kevin! I am very interested in Instant Rewards and being on your team! I will click on the link and register now.

  13. Hi, I found this article very informative & useful for those looking for a decent work/home opp. I’m in burbs of Chicago & my company in insurance sales is laying off for the summer after health care enrollment. so tired of feeling on a leash, under valued & worry of being laid off.

    so after watching ideos of instant rewards, where does the marketing for other companies like walmart etc come in? I keep reading/hearing referrals to signup so bit confused.
    thanks again.

    • Hi Liz – I’ve written several articles on the subject. You can find them at the end of the articles in the “related articles” section. Also, when you register on my team, I send a lot of helpful information that you’re not going to find anywhere else. It’s my secret recipe, so to speak, that is saved only for my team.

  14. How do you get a Google number?

    • Just go to Google and search for: Google Number

  15. It’s wonderful to find someone who has researched and verified that this is not a scam. I’ve lost $100.00s to scams. Now, I’m looking, with confidence, at joining this business. Any and all mentoring/marketing advice and assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanx so much for the insight and bringing spirits up again about ‘home income’ opportunities.

    • Hi Cindi – I saw that you signed up yesterday on our team. Welcome, and thanks for the kind comment. I look forward to working with you.

  16. I’m curious about the company and i wanted to know exactly i do i make the money. gp

  17. My main concern is after you hit 600 how great is the taxes you pay back?

    • Thanks for the comment, Ken. You make it sound like a bad thing. It’s a GOOD thing, a VERY GOOD thing. Here’s why:

      When you start your own business, it opens up a whole new world of TAX DEDUCTIONS at the end of the year.

      Many self-employed people are able to deduct expenses such as:

      • A portion of Rent/Mortgage for Home Office space
      • A portion of Utilities for Home Office use
      • Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. purchases
      • Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. depreciation
      • Vehicle Expenses (usage, gas, oil changes, etc.)
      • Office Furniture
      • Office Supplies (printer ink, paper, etc.)
      • Office Expenses such as Internet, Phone Bills, Modem Rentals, etc.

      And the list goes on…your accountant can help you find all kinds of deductions!

  18. How do you get the referrals. Are they entirely up to the employee or is there help at least in the beginning.

    • Hi Day – If you join under a great sponsor/mentor they will be your coach the entire way.

  19. Hello, I loved the informations that you shared. I’d like to start Instant Rewards but first of all I need a good mentor to show me how to make a good money.

  20. I am thinking of doing this. Is Instant Rewards a legitimate company? Thank you.

    • Hi Pam – I have thoroughly investigated this company and can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is legitimate. Think of Instant Rewards Network as the bookkeepers, sort of like PayPal or a contract agency. You do the work for the Fortune 500 companies, Instant Rewards makes sure you are paid.

  21. I am looking at online telecenter which is a part of the instant rewards group. they do the same thing but get calls instead of using a web page to advertise, at least as far as I can see. Have you heard of this and do you know if it is the same kind of deal?

    • Hi Lesa – I have not heard of that, sorry. If I look into it in the future, I’ll let you know.

  22. My husband and I are both disabled and spend most of the year living in Belize. We do also have a home in N.C. and are wondering if we can work for IRN while we are in Belize. Our internet and phone service work very well here, and we also use Skype and Facebook chat frequently. Thanks!

    • Hi Cindy – I checked with customer support and they said you may join and operate your home business while in the states but not from Belize. Countries allowed right now: USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

  23. I like the information that you’ve shared on your website, however, I don’t have a sponsor and would like to join your team.

    • Anyone may join the American Family Magazine team at Instant Rewards via this link: Team Kev at IRN

  24. I have been with Instant rewards “part time” since last August. I also just completed my taxes and it was pretty simple to do. This program does pay and is backed by the IRS. It does take work though! The money does not just fall in your lap!

    • Thanks for your comment, Alicia. You are correct. It’s not difficult work, but there is some work involved. It depends on how you setup your business and how much you want to make. I’m not sure what you mean by “backed by the IRS” but if you mean that it is recognized by the IRS as a legitimate income source, that is correct.

  25. Instant rewards is not a scam. I’ve been doing it since the beginning of January and have been paid well….each payment I received within a few hours. Never had an issue.

    • Just want to know how much can I made and what is the start up cost?

      • ===============================================
        $0.00 == Join Fee: testimonials video
        $0.00 == Presentation: overview video
        $0.00 == Registration: register video
        $0.00 == Monthly Fees
        $0.00 == Web Page Fee
        $0.00 == Training Fee
        $0-$1 == Lifetime Member
        $0-$1 == TOTAL START-UP COSTS
        Commissions range from $20 to $120.
        No limit on income.
        Company pays daily within 24 hours.
        Excellent customer service.
        Work with real people.
        Phone/text/email (your choice).

  26. The company was formed in 2009.

  27. My question regarding the IRN is how do you claim this on your taxes?

    • When you start your own business, you are considered self-employed, and it opens up a whole new world of TAX DEDUCTIONS at the end of the year.

      Many self-employed people are able to deduct expenses such as:

      A portion of Rent/Mortgage for Home Office space
      A portion of Utilities for Home Office use
      Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. purchases
      Cell, Computer, Printer, Modem, Router, Monitor, etc. depreciation
      Vehicle Expenses (usage, gas, oil changes, etc.)
      Office Furniture
      Office Supplies (printer ink, paper, etc.)
      Office Expenses such as Internet, Phone Bills, Modem Rentals, etc.
      And the list goes on…your accountant can help you find all kinds of deductions!



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