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Instant Rewards Network Investigation

instant rewards network scam

Jobs are scarce in a lot of towns in America. People are getting desperate and creative in looking for ways to put food on the table. Instant Rewards Network is beginning to gain notoriety and people are looking for answers. My investigation was simply to check the validity of the opportunity for a friend. I dug deep into the business and was able to find out a lot. I have shared all the information that I found out about Instant Rewards Network, its advertisers and its members. The goal of this investigation is to present all of this of information as succinctly as possible to our readers so they may use it in their own investigation of the business.

A couple of things before we get started:

  1. LOTS OF LINKS! I like to provide lots of options for my readers. Links open in a NEW WINDOW/TAB so don’t worry about losing your place on this page. You can simply switch between windows and see both/all.
  2. If you prefer videos to reading, you should skim the info below, then go directly to the Resources page.
  3. There is an optimized version of Resources for mobile devices at the bottom of this page.
  4. If you find ANALOGIES helpful, there’s a good one on the resources page called, “From the Mall to the Bank.”

Instant Rewards Network Overview

This is not an MLM or Pyramid. You will not get rich quick. However, I suppose that depends on what you consider rich. It’s not really a “set it and forget it” type business either but close. This is probably why they say it is popular with college students, stay-at-home moms and dads, shut-ins and retired folks. It reminds me of Jug Fishing with my dad when I was young. You set out the lines at sunset and at sunrise you check to see what you got. It’s always a surprise. With this business, if you set it up right, you don’t really have to do a lot of work to make a lot of money. But you need a good mentor. I will harp on this from time to time.

It’s very important to get a good mentor who really knows how to be profitable and knows how to help YOU be profitable. The work is based on a business model called CPA (Cost Per Action). In a nutshell, this is how it works: When people to try a free product or service from a Fortune 500 company like Walmart or Target or GoDaddy on your (supplied) Web site, you get paid.

Buzz Words

Below are some BUZZ words you will hear associated with Instant Rewards. I have given a description of what each one means. Instant Rewards Network

Subscription  A subscription form is sometimes located on the introduction page or as an ACCESS PORTAL to get to the good stuff (special sections and videos). Subscribers have access to a lot more things than visitors. After a visitor becomes a subscriber through the form on the Intro Video page or through an access portal, the referring agent will introduce him/herself to the new subscriber and usually send them direct contact information, a welcome email and other helpful information. The subscribers can then directly email, call or text the agent with questions. If you do not see a referral agent’s name when you join, find one. It is imperative that you find and join under a great agent/mentor.

• Orientation  If a visitor subscribes (from the intro page or an access portal) to Instant Rewards Network, a new window opens to an Orientation video. In my opinion, this is the most informative video in the post-subscriber, pre-member area of the site. In a few minutes it covers every aspect of the business. It should pretty much answer any question you have, and save you lots of reading. Some agents may still be using the old video. If possible, find someone who offers access to the new Orientation video. I have provided access to the new one on the Resources page if you wish to view it there. Find the button below the overview clip.

• Registration  After the Orientation video the subscriber is provided a button that will take them to the Instant Rewards Network registration page to officially join the network and enter their contact information or simply exit if not interested. I have provided the registration video on the Resources page. Normally, only subscribers get to see this video as they complete their registration.

• Monthly Fees  There are no monthly fees. Instant Rewards Network will never ask for financial information. They do not require payment of any kind as there are no fees to join, no upgrades fees and no monthly fees. Instant Rewards Network and all of its agents are paid by the advertisers. It’s like a real job: You work. You get paid. That’s it.

• Web Page  Agents receive a Referral ID and get to select one of 17 Web page styles. Watch the Orientation video found on the Resources page for a very detailed description of the Web page and how to use it.

• Training  There are numerous training videos for people of all skill levels from beginner to advanced. They did a great job with all the training materials.  I was impressed. There is no set curriculum that I could find. Agents can watch any video in any order, and as many times as they wish. There is a menu system that helps agents stay on track. Also, the referring agent should help to guide new recruits.

Starter — An agent’s first assignment is to meet requirements. Think of this as on-the-job training. Here’s how it was explained to me: Everyone must experience the trial process to know how it works and be able to explain it to others. Every agent in the system has done it and so must you. Agents are not required to purchase anything. They just have to initiate an offer and cancel it to complete training.

• Commission  At this point agents are permitted to start making commissions from their referrals. For every person that tries an offer, whether they keep it or cancel it, agents get paid. Commission amounts range between $20 and $120 per referral. It is well-explained in the Orientation video on the Resources page.  

The Real World

Ash is a stay-at-home mom whose husband is in the military. She read my articles, and asked me if I would be her mentor. She went from joining at 10 AM on a Sunday, to studying the materials I sent her that night, to making $360…in the next couple of days. And she just keeps bringing it in week after week. I have the phone number of her mentor if you’d like to talk to him <grin>. Hint: It’s somewhere on the Resources page.

Wrap Up

I hope this overview has been helpful. There are lots of really cool things on the resources page. I feel like I’m overselling it but it’s really nice and I just don’t want anyone to miss out. I provided as much information as I could without visitors having to register. I have created some access portals here on American Family Magazine that you can use to get to the sub areas.

Instant Rewards Network Resources

Analogy: From the Mall to the BankPlease choose your connection speed below.

You will find:

  • Introduction Video
  • Overview Video
  • Orientation Video
  • Registration (How To) Video
  • Starter (First Assignment) Access
  • Member Videos
  • Must-Have Tools for Your Business
  • Links to More Articles
  • All-In-One Links Area
  • From the Mall to the Bank (Analogy)
  • General Information

Fast Connection (Cool Graphics) Slow Connection or Mobile Devices

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  1. I am thinking of doing this. Is Instant Rewards a legitimate company? Thank you.

    • Hi Pam – I have thoroughly investigated this company and can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is legitimate. Think of Instant Rewards Network as the bookkeepers, sort of like PayPal or a contract agency. They make sure everyone stays honest. You do the work for the Fortune 500 companies, Instant Rewards makes sure you are paid. They take a cut from the fees paid by the Fortune 500 companies. You get the rest as commission.

  2. I am looking at online telecenter which is a part of the instant rewards group. they do the same thing but get calls instead of using a web page to advertise, at least as far as I can see. Have you heard of this and do you know if it is the same kind of deal?

    • Hi Lesa – I have not heard of that, sorry. If I look into it in the future, I’ll let you know.

  3. My husband and I are both disabled and spend most of the year living in Belize. We do also have a home in N.C. and are wondering if we can work for IRN while we are in Belize. Our internet and phone service work very well here, and we also use Skype and Facebook chat frequently. Thanks!

    • Hi Cindy – I checked with customer support and they said you may join and operate your home business while in the states but not from Belize. Countries allowed right now: USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

  4. I like the information that you’ve shared on your website, however, I don’t have a sponsor and would like to join your team.

    • Anyone may join the American Family Magazine team at Instant Rewards via this link: Team Kev at IRN

  5. I have been with Instant rewards “part time” since last August. I also just completed my taxes and it was pretty simple to do. This program does pay and is backed by the IRS. It does take work though! The money does not just fall in your lap!

    • Thanks for your comment, Alicia. You are correct. It’s not difficult work, but there is some work involved. It depends on how you setup your business and how much you want to make.

  6. Instant rewards is not a scam. I’ve been doing it since the beginning of January and have been paid well….each payment I received within a few hours. Never had an issue.

    • Just want to know how much can I made and what is the start up cost?

      • ===============================================
        $0.00 == Join Fee: testimonials video
        $0.00 == Presentation: overview video
        $0.00 == Registration: register video
        $0.00 == Monthly Fees
        $0.00 == Web Page Fee
        $0.00 == Training Fee
        $0-$1 == Lifetime Member
        $0-$1 == TOTAL START-UP COSTS
        Commissions range from $20 to $120.
        No limit on income.
        Company pays daily within 24 hours.
        Excellent customer service.
        Work with real people.
        Phone/text/email (your choice).

  7. How old is this company? I just received an email from a potential Agent

    • The company was formed in 2009.

  8. My question regarding the IRN is how do you claim this on your taxes?

    • Hi Meagan – It’s best to discuss this with your accountant but when you hit $600 the company requests you complete a W-9.


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