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What’s Up Doc?

In one edition of American Family Magazine we had a puzzle called, “What’s Up Doc?” where we asked our readers to match the cartoon characters to their famous phrases. How many can you name?

Family as Haiku

Your husband is at the garage bench repairing a lamp for the 3rd time. He is intently focused. The smooth white hands of an executive grappling with a

Teen Summer Musical

Wake Up—the musical—broadcasts the thoughts, dreams and identity issues of 16 high school students who are tired of their voices not being heard and decide to do something BIG about it.

It’s What You Scatter

Tim gets closer and closer and closer to the pulpit, and when he realizes there are no seats, he just squats down right on the carpet. By now the people are really uptight, and the tension in the air is thick. About this time, the minister realizes that..

Halloween Night

Today is the day The neighborhood Has waited for,   Last day of the month, 10th month of the year, The day that’s supposed to Bring so much fear, There’s terror in the streets You can feel it coming near, And your door bells Will be ringing, If you listen, You can hear,   Cause a craving for candy, Is a kid’s big delight, And who can get the most? It’s bound to be a fight, It begins in the evening Getting closer to the night, And costumes are laid out, Some that will fill you with Fright,   Parents don’t get that feeling, They don’t really understand, They just do what their Supposed to, By holding their kids hands,   Walking through the streets Trick or treat Throughout the night, Tootsie rolls or candy corn Just to make the night right,   Nowadays they Have events at churches, And schools, Cause the streets Are not safe, They’re filled with many fools, And not to mention candy givers, Who can sometimes be cruel,   By giving away food that Is not safe to eat, An evil little trick But certainly not a treat,   But those little antics Certainly won’t spoil the feeling, Jack-o-lantern lights, Ghost hanging from the ceiling,   And immature boys making a Mess with silly string, With sudden scares By covered faces Leaving girls with loud Screams, With Michael Myers’ mask, Or Friday the thirteen, Also jigsaw, And that guy from scream,   Some girls anticipate this day So they can role play A little,   Shirt skirts from fairy tales Barbie dolls, and tinker...

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