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Premarital Sex and Consequences

The consequences of the actions of one generation ARE visited on the next, and also on the ones before. Parents do not stay together and provide a loving home and family example for their children. Their children do not understand the value of a carefully chosen mate who could bring a lifetime of joy to the new family. Sadly, their life goals become muddled as they begin to engage in sexual activity before their brains and emotions are developed enough to understand.

Avoid Using the “F” Word

It’s not what you think it is. But it is a word used carelessly, often loaded with frustration, and sometimes as the pointed sword of anger and revenge.
The word is…

Hilarious Neighbor Floodlight Email Battle

Curtains are usually the key to community accord, but they would need to be eight-inch-thick lead sheeting. Last night, with my curtains closed and bedside light off, I read a book. Wearing sunglasses. Under a blanket.

How Being Social is Being Rude

Some teachers have a policy where if they catch you texting your overall grade suffers. Just because typing is not disruptive, it doesn’t give us a free pass to be rude…

Olan Rogers Stories – Ghost in the Stall & Comeback Kid

I don’t remember how I happened upon the Olan Rogers stories or vlogs channel but that turned out to be a gold nugget day. Immediately, I was hooked on Olan Rogers stories and his addictive storytelling prowess from the very first video. Who is this guy? Why have I never heard of him? Dare I place him among the ranks of Uncle Remus and Mark Twain? I believe I might. Who didn’t want to have Uncle Remus and Mark Twain as real uncles? Comments on his YouTube pages suggest that…

Computer Literacy

If the kids are destined to learn by mere exposure to computers in their daily lives, then facilitating more “screen time” is perhaps unnecessary, and maybe even detrimental.

Does Your Teen Suffer Anxiety Disorder?

Does your teen suffer anxiety disorder? An anxiety disorder manifests in teens in a multitude of ways and affects their health, grades and social interactions. Look for anxiety disorder signs in your teen before it gets out of control. It’s very common to feel anxious from time to time, especially if you’ve got an important interview, an exam or a medial test looming, but some people struggle to control their nerves and experience feelings of anxiety on a regular basis. If you have difficulty controlling your emotions, you constantly feel on edge or you worry about the smallest thing and it is affecting your day to day life and personal relationships, you may have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder factors for teens Teenagers today have a very different life to young people in previous generations and they are under a lot of pressure. Modern teens feel pressure to look good, to confirm with ideals within society and to perform well at school or college and some may struggle to keep on top of things. Children undergo a lot of tests and exams now, as well as doing coursework and homework and this can be very challenging for many, especially those who have special needs. Bullying is also a major source of anxiety among teenagers. Bullying has changed and evolved over the years and it does not just constitute playground banter or throw-away comments anymore; bullying can now be carried out on many fronts, from face to face verbal bullying and physical abuse to cyber bullying. Peer pressure is a problem for many young people and there is always pressure to...

So What is a Family?

Given that the blog is called Family Talk, I thought that a discussion about the concept of family would be apropos. The definition of a family tends to be a moving target. The family unit that we grew up in is often very different from what children experience today.

Bedtime Battles: 10 Tips to Avoiding Them

Bedtime Battles: 10 tips to get your children into bed, stay there, and go to sleep peacefully while you maintain your sanity. Bedtime battles plague many first-time parents. You are not alone. Parents who have been to the battlefronts profess the best answer is to…

Healthy Hobbies

healthy hobbies relieve stress. They make us who we are, they set us apart from other people, and they give meaning to our lives. Many people don’t heed this advice…

Zoe & the Swamp Monster

If your children are like mine, sometimes they get in a mood where hiking ranks right up there with walking to school. On days where it takes a little extra incentive to get them to lace up their boots, the Swamp Trail on Tiger Mountain might do the trick.

Values: Life’s Keenest Game

Why don’t our children appreciate the same things we do? The answer is: we both don’t have the same values.
How important is good health to a 10 year old? Which of us has a 12 year old demanding to get his teeth cleaned? Has your 8 year old been perusing college catalogs recently? No, no, and no. And why not? We don’t appreciate…

Exploration & Inspiration

I have Outdoor Deficit Disorder, and I blame my parents. Trail maps make me giddy. 80% of my wardrobe wicks moisture. I get cranky without endorphins. It’s definitely my parents’ fault.

They Say…

All my life I’ve heard opinions, verdicts and oaths based on the uncontested veracity of ”They say….”
Never has “they” been identified. But who would have the temerity to contest those heads nodding up and down in agreement with the unseen oracle “they”?

Babysitting Co-ops

Babysitting co-ops are a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to get away for a few hours while leaving your kids in good hands. Essentially, a co-op is just a group of


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