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Magical Petals of the Calendula

So queenly that Mary Queen of Scots declared her beauty in her rhyme and, “…reigned in her garden most sublime.” Marigolds, or Calendula in its Latin formality, are the unassuming, golden flowers with a pungent odor.

Antioxidant, Nutrient-Filled Gems

Pomme d’Amour… She started her career in the Americas but was shunned because of her family heritage, that of Deadly Nightshade. So begins the odyssey of our tomato, long disputed as to whether she is a fruit or veggie and with a questionable heritage to boot.

Oregano: Walk the Wild Side

Oregano is a force to reckon with both in the kitchen and while he fortifies the garden from interlopers. Being a pal to other herbs is not his style, but he will tolerate creeping thyme making a fuzzy little carpet at his feet.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Capsicum, you might guess, turns peppers into fire balls, but it also gives a boost to the body as a stellar pain blocker. Commonly it is used in over the counter pain relievers such as…

Passion Flower

American Indians introduced the colonists to wild herbing which included the Passion Flower vine and its many health uses. It was in their pharmacopeia to treat what we call insomnia, hysteria and…

The Herb of Love

Basil graces the kitchen garden with scents of cinnamon, lemon, clove, licorice and mint. His pedigree is long and stalwart with regal relatives from the mint family.

Home Remedies

Living in the Midwest, just across the river from Kentucky, where tobacco was abundant, I remember getting bee stings every summer. My parents always used moist tobacco to soothe my skin and keep it from swelling. Did it work?

Celery – The Royal Stalk

This rag-topped darling of the veggie set is a family favorite. Even my kitty Killjoy would tickle out the fresh celery bunch from the grocery bag for a quick snack.
Celery’s name comes from the Latin word…

Scarborough Fair of Herbs

A twig of parsley sparking up your luncheon plate is not all about cuisine presentation. Beginning with the Romans it was recognized that it calmed the stomach and freshened the breath. Later scientific studies proved that eating parsley regularly helped prevent…

Secret Life of Peonies

The Chinese revere her beauty in song, art and musical forms while commonly using her roots and blossoms in herbal teas for afflictions of the head, nerves, convulsions, asthma and heart disease. Because her scent is so intoxicating…

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