Instant Rewards Network Scam

Instant Rewards Network Scam

Jobs are scarce in America. The Instant Rewards Network scam promises hope when people are getting desperate and creative in looking for ways to put food on the table. The Instant Rewards Network scam is beginning to gain notoriety as its popularity increases as a result of people looking for jobs they can do from home. But is it just another scam, out to take people for a ride? Well…I guess that depends on your definition of scam.

Instant Rewards Network was established in 2009, and is headquartered in Mount Prospect, Illinois. It is listed in the Chicago area BBB business directory as an incentive program. With the advent of new technologies, many people began recording their favorite TV shows on DVRs, skipping the commercials. Many Fortune 500 companies were reeling with revenue losses, and turned to alternative advertising avenues.

Instant Rewards Network created a service that would not only benefit the companies who advertised, but also the agents who would help market their products and services. An impressive list of businesses that include Disney, Netflix, GameFly, GoDaddy, Walmart, Target, and many more well-known brands, make their products and services available for promotion by Instant Rewards Network agents and representatives.

These well-known companies do their due diligence in scouting and legitimizing their partnerships with other companies, like IRN, well before they agree to do business with them. However, I’m not completely convinced that every product and service offered is worth the cost and effort. More on that later.

What does it cost to join Instant Rewards Network?

Here is the number one, most-asked question: What does it cost to join? Well, technically, it costs nothing, because there are no membership fees per se. If you have been approached by a sponsor, and have been told there is a fee, they are probably referring to the process called, meeting requirements, or you have found a crooked sponsor trying to get you to pay them to help you join. Don’t do that.

How do you make money with Instant Rewards Network?

As you can imagine, just as there are many positions within the ranks in any company, there are many ways to be paid at Instant Rewards Network. I am going to give a brief overview of the basics of earning money with Instant Rewards Network.

The very, very, basic, simple answer is that agents are paid commissions for finding people who want to join IRN. I know that sounds over-simplified, and it is. When agents find people (like you) who want to make some money, Instant Rewards Network pays a commission to the agent when you join on their team. If you become an agent, you will make money when others to join your team.

How does Instant Rewards Network work?


Sponsorship: When we enter our name and email address in the form next to the introductory video, we are essentially connecting with that sponsor so they can send us information on how to join their team. If you like the way they present information and feel that they will be a great teacher, you can go ahead and register to be on their team, or look for another team to join.

Meeting Requirements: Every recruit must meet requirements to become an agent and be qualified to receive an income via commissions. The process of meeting requirements is simply to try one or more of the partnering companies’ offers listed on the site. When you try an offer, the company (like Target, Disney, etc.) pays IRN for giving them a potential customer. IRN then pays your sponsor for bringing you into the business. Once you become an agent, you will bring in new people who will meet their own requirements, which will cause IRN to pay you. It may sound complicated now, but it is really very simple. If interested, just try to find a great mentor/sponsor who will hold your hand and guide you through understanding how things work.

Training: After meeting requirements, you gain access to two training areas with short video clips to walk you through every step of every process. There is no set curriculum. Study only the things you want to promote.

The Work: Most people simply look for ways to promote the business opportunity to find people like you. Think about where YOU saw an ad for IRN, and what prompted you to find out more information. Wherever you found that info, is a good place for you to advertise as well. Your sponsor will help guide you along the best path. Every agent runs their business differently.

What’s the verdict — Scam or Legit?

Instant Rewards Network Scam [TRUE]: Because new recruits are required to do what’s called, “meeting requirements” before they can make any money, many will lose interest, calling it a scam. People look for quick ways to make money without having to work for it. Those ways do exist. They’re called lotteries, welfare, unemployment insurance, stealing, and having a sugar daddy/momma. But most people have to work to get paid. Those who don’t want to work, but somehow want to be paid, are most often the ones screaming, “SCAM!” as an excuse for their laziness. But, I’m not judging.

Instant Rewards Network Scam [FALSE]: I’m using Ash’s story because I can personally vouch for its validity. Ash is a stay-at-home mom on the West Coast whose husband is in the military. She went from Googling Instant Rewards Network Scam on a Saturday to joining on a Sunday morning to making nearly $400 before the end of that week. She went on to build her own team of wives living on the base, and made a decent income from it.

Instant Rewards Network Scam [MY OPINION]: My personal opinion about this business that it is a legit way to make a side income, only for those familiar with the Internet, and who are willing to work at it. If you are new to computers or the internet, it’s not for you! If you are not willing to put in an honest amount of time each week, you might make some money. My friend tried it out for a year, and made a decent side income. He put about 10 hours per week into it, and made around $600 per month on average. That works out to $15/hour. For some, that’s a good income. For others, it’s small potatoes. I guess it all depends on how much work someone is willing to do, and how much income they expect from that work.

Instant Rewards Network Scam [FINAL DECISION]: Whatever outcome you derive from the information you have gathered, whether you go forward with IRN, or do something else, I wish you the best.

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Be kind, and smile a lot.

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